Quello che è stato chiesto al Comitato Olimpico per ricordare, nel quarantesimo anniversario, la strage degli atleti israeliani alle olimpiadi di Monaco, e il comitato ha detto no. È stata allora organizzata una raccolta di firme per presentare una petizione. Io ho firmato – e fatto firmare gli amici della mia mailing list – e oggi mi è arrivata una risposta:

Hey Barbara,
We are almost at our goal of attaining 80,011 by the end of June! Please send the petition link out again to all your colleagues to help us surpass our goal.

Come sempre, quando c’è da impegnarsi per una buona causa, io rispondo: obbedisco! Vi propongo quindi innanzitutto il testo della petizione:

Tell the International Olympic Committee: 40 Years is Enough!

At the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, eleven members of the Israeli team were murdered. For forty years their families have asked the International Olympic Committee to observe a minute of silence, in their memory. Please help us by signing our petition.
I am the wife of Andrei Spitzer. My husband was killed at those Olympic Games in 1972.
I am asking for one minute of silence for the memory of the eleven Israeli athletes, coaches and referees murdered at the 1972 summer Olympics in Munich. Just one minute — at the 2012 London Summer Olympics and at every Olympic Game, to promote peace.
These men were sons; fathers; uncles; brothers; friends; teammates; athletes. They came to Munich in 1972 to play as athletes in the Olympics; they came in peace and went home in coffins, killed in the Olympic Village and during hostage negotiations.
The families of the Munich 11 have worked for four decades to obtain recognition of the Munich massacre from the International Olympic Committee. We have requested a minute of silence during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics starting with the ’76 Montreal Games. Repeatedly, these requests have been turned down. The 11 murdered athletes were members of the Olympic family; we feel they should be remembered within the framework of the Olympic Games.
We are asking again to be heard in time for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. In 2010 JCC Rockland, New York contacted me and offered their help and made it their mission for their 2012 JCC Maccabi Games to honor the Munich 11 through multiple events as well as spearheading this petition.
Silence is a fitting tribute for athletes who lost their lives on the Olympic stage. Silence contains no statements, assumptions or beliefs and requires no understanding of language to interpret.
I have no political or religious agenda. Just the hope that my husband and the other men who went to the Olympics in peace, friendship and sportsmanship are given what they deserve. One minute of silence will clearly say to the world that what happened in 1972 can never happen again. Please do not let history repeat itself.
For my husband Andrei and the others killed, we must remember the doctrine of the Olympic Spirit, “to build a peaceful and better world which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play,”  is more powerful than politics.

40 years is long enough to wait.

Go to www.munich11.org to learn more about how the JCC Rockland, in New York took up our fight to remedy injustice with the support & gratitude of the families of the Munich 11 and to learn the history of a day we should never forget.

Thank you,  Ankie Spitzer and JCC Rockland.

E poi il link al quale chi ancora non l’avesse fatto può andare a firmare:


Anche se, devo dire, qualunque cosa decida il comitato Olimpico, non so se avranno il coraggio di farlo in questa Inghilterra qui: